Jesus and the Dinosaurs

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Unisex 100% Cotton T-Shirt
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USD $28.00
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About this product

So humans and dinosaurs never coexisted? HA! Then how, pray tell, do you explain THIS? That's clearly Jesus hanging out with a bunch of dinosaurs.

"Why then," you ask, "are dinosaurs never mentioned in the Bible?" Well, Richard Dawkins, dinosaurs were so common in those days that the writers probably never thought to mention them. They were just a fact of life, like squirrels or pigeons nowadays. It was understood that a Brontosaurus might accidentally smash your dwelling to pieces with a whip of its tail -- or that the town market might be closed due to a T-rex feeding frenzy.

You have to remember, life was rougher back then.

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Product Type Unisex 100% Cotton T-Shirt

Neckline Crew Neck

Fit Fitted: Not Too Baggy, Not Too Tight. For a baggy fit, order a size up.

Fabric Content 100% Cotton, Sewn in Honduras, Digitally printed in USA



*Length measured from garment when it is laid flat

Designed by Us, From Scratch

Digitally Printed with State-of-the Art Technology

Made From the Softest 100% Cotton Fabric

Finished With an Interior Neck Print Instead of a Tag


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Jesus and the Dinosaurs

Unisex 100% Cotton T-Shirt

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Bought this for my sister and it's her favorite tee. Her kiddo thinks it's amazing, too, because dinosaurs get all the hallelujahs.
Dr. Jebus Stonewall
Without question
This is the most pervasive article I have ever presented amongst my fellow colleagues. In all of my years studying the dinosaurs and their influence upon faith, this shirt speaks true - where unearthing evidence suggesting he was not walking amongst the dinosaurs - just falls flat. The scientists have it all wrong, the dinosaurs were walking alongside him.
Jesus and the dinosaurs tshirt
I bought this tshirt for my son for Christmas as he is always impressed with your humour. He often makes dinosaur jokes so will love this one!