Just Here to Make Friends

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Men's 100% Cotton T-Shirt
USD $24.00

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USD $24.00
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About this product

Are you here to make friends, or are you here to win? If you watch a lot of terrible reality TV, as we do, you've heard it a billion times. "I'm not here to make friends." Yeah, we get it. It's a cutthroat competition and you're here to win, not to be Mr. or Miss Congeniality. Good for you.

We, on the other hand, are here to make friends. And you know who else is? This Labrador! He's not throwing anyone under the bus. He's not voting anyone off the island. He's not proposing to one girl on national TV, only to dump her the next week and propose to the runner-up. Nope, he's here to do one thing: make friends.

In fact, he wants to be your friend. So how about it? Just look at that face!

Photo Credits: @samlewistunes @urbeezy

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Just Here to Make Friends

Men's 100% Cotton T-Shirt

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mmmm donuts
I love your t-shits, just love 'em! although, it'd be nice if, maybe, each one came with a tasty donut...it's a suggestion, just saying.
Golden friends
I've never had a Golden Retriever say they were offended by this shirt unless licking my face has a meaning I was unaware of! It brings a smile to the faces of all Golden lovers.
Luv them Goldens!
Second best only to owning a Golden. Helps me make friends with owners of Golden Retrievers on a regular basis!

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