Kangaroo Fight Poster
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Kangaroo Fight Poster


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Ever boxed a kangaroo?

It's the Battle of the Ages! You can cut the tension with a knife. The challenger, representing all of humankind, has been talking a lot of smack leading up to tonight. He appears confident -- some say a little too confident -- but then that's the hubris of man for you. He'll certainly have his hands full tonight going up against the undefeated champion.

Speaking of the champ, there he is, bounding towards the ring! He's put on some weight since his last fight, and some say he might be getting complacent. But perhaps that's understandable given his total domination of the field.

As we break down the numbers, the challenger has the edge in reach and opposable thumbs, while the champion has the clear advantage in height and footwork. We'll have to see if he can avoid the low blows he was warned about in his last fight.

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Kangaroo Fight Poster


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