Larry 2016

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Unisex Cotton/Poly T-Shirt

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Bern Your Enthusiasm He's a crusader against egregious income inequality... and the "stop and chat."
He's only accepts small campaign donations... and can't stand faux-anonymous museum donations.
He's working to combat climate change... and people who wear sunglasses indoors.
He wants to end the abuse of big money in politics... and the abuse of sample privileges at frozen yogurt shops.
He can not be bought or sold... or intimidated by teenagers on Halloween.
He wants affordable health care -- and Vanilla bullshits -- for all.
Vote Larry 2016!

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Larry 2016

Unisex Cotton/Poly T-Shirt

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Love Larry
I love Larry David and Bernie, so I needed it. It's thin, like most of your shirts. I like that, too. I get hot. I notice people look at my chest and am taken aback because I forget that I'm wearing Larry David on it. I guess I have til November to make a statement with it. Unless the unthinkable happens, then I guess I can wear it in silent protest. God forbid.

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