MacArthur Returns Tank
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MacArthur Returns Tank

Men's Cotton/Poly Tank

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Was the Mac kind of whack?

It's one of the most iconic images of WWII. General MacArthur sloshing ashore in the Philippines, where he swore he would return two years earlier. But you may not know that the photo was one of many taken that day. MacArthur loved the scene so much, he ordered his crew to repeat the walk ashore dozens more times for the photographer.

The General even began incorporating props. It started modestly, with MacArthur smoking his famous pipe. Then it got weird. In several frames, MacArthur can be seen "riding" an inflatable dolphin like a bronco. For another sequence, he ordered a sand sculpture of Emperor Hirohito made, just so he could smash it. But perhaps the most iconic images are of the normally stoic MacArthur wearing shorts and carrying a surfboard (shown here).

MacArthur's advisors would later need to dissuade him from using the surfboard photos in his memoirs — a decision he regretted until the day he died.

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MacArthur Returns Tank

Men's Cotton/Poly Tank

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