Make Red Hats Wearable Again Trucker Cap

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Trucker Cap
This item is discontinued, out of stock and gone forever.
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About this product

MRHWA! You know the silent victims are in all this? Red hats. You can't wear a red hat these days without it being assumed that you hate immigrants and believe that the deep state is running an international pedophile ring.

But did anyone ever ask red hats if they wanted to be be a part of this crap? No. And who knows what they would have said? Maybe they don't like to get involved in politics. Or maybe they're all Dennis Kucinich fans, for all we know. You remember Dennis Kucinich, right? He was a longshot Democratic candidate for pres-- Look, it doesn't matter. The point is, we have no idea what red hats believe. It's time to take red hats back! We say, "Make Red Hats Wearable Again!" Or MRHWA for short. (Admittedly the acronym needs a bit of work.)

Photo Credits: @chelseahandler @mandaepperson @facesmainstreet @northernsunfan @MarcACaputo

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Make Red Hats Wearable Again Trucker Cap

Trucker Cap

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The quality is fine, remove the writing and its a fine cap. The words get a lot of laughs, and the occasional idiot who wants to punch me out. I'm an old Marine and still look like one, so no draft dodger fan dares to try it. Come on, folks! Its funny as hell!

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