Ordinary Everyday Turtles

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Unisex 100% Cotton T-Shirt
USD $28.00

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USD $28.00
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About this product

Introducing Ordinary Everyday Turtles! Got questions? We have answers:

Do they have any special or super powers?
Not really. Just ordinary turtle powers, like the ability to swim, hide from danger, and eat leaves.

Do they know karate?
No. (If they did, we would have mentioned that in the answer to our first question.)

So they're non-mutated?
Correct. Just your ordinary, everyday turtles.

Do they fight crime?
Not that we know of. I guess hypothetically, if one of them was in the exact right spot at the right time, a thief could slip on them and fall, thus giving the authorities the extra few seconds they need to catch up. But that's a very specific, highly unlikely, scenario. So basically no.

Do they love pizza?!
Why does everyone ask that? No.

What's with the face masks?
Don't know! They just thought they looked cool. Hard to disagree!

Do they have a theme song?
Yes! It goes:
Ord-i-nary everyday turtles!
Ord-i-nary everyday turtles!
Ord-i-nary everyday turtles!
(That's all they are.)

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The Details

Product Type Men's T-Shirt

Neckline Crew Neck

Fit Fitted: Not Too Baggy, Not Too Tight

Fabric Content Poly/Cotton, Sewn in Mexico, Screenprinted in California



*Length measured from garment when it is laid flat

Designed By Us, From Scratch

Hand Screenprinted In California

Made From the Softest Poly/Cotton Fabric

Finished With A Neck Print, Not A Tag


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Ordinary Everyday Turtles

Unisex 100% Cotton T-Shirt

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