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Origami dragons aren't that hard to make, right?

In this lesson, we'll show you how to make a beautiful origami dragon in just five simple steps! Even you beginners will have a "fire breathing" dragon in no time if you follow these easy steps carefully...

1. Start with a square base and fold in the corners.
2. Fold down the tip as shown.
3. Make a petal fold and crease well.
4. Lift the bottom corner upwards and fold along the crease.
5. The remaining 65 folds should be pretty self explanatory. And there you have it! An exquisitely detailed origami dragon with eyeballs and everything.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Since we first posted this lesson, it came to our attention that we may have glossed over some details in Step 5. So, here goes... In fold #42, apply the same outside-reverse fold as in fold #28. In folds #61 and 62, you'll want to use one mountain fold, followed by one valley fold. The same mountain fold and valley fold should be applied on the other side, too. (Obviously.) Hope that helps!

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Origami Made Easy


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