Rock Me Amadeus
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Rock Me Amadeus


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What if they had keytars in the 18th century?

Sure, he's one of the greatest and most prolific composers in the history of Western music, but can you just imagine what Mozart could have done with a keytar? Think about it. The guy wrote 27 concertos that redefined what music could be, using a regular old piano. Now strap him to an electronic keyboard with FM synthesizer, sustain switch and a virtually endless range of onboard voice effects. Rock me, Amadeus!

Matter of fact, Falco's 80s classic "Rock Me Amadeus" would have been rendered totally redundant. People would have been like, "Duh! All Amadeus ever did was rock!"

Of course, giving Mozart a keytar more than 200 years before New Wave might change history in ways we didn't expect. Perhaps a young Beethoven would have forgone his classical training to form a band called Flock of Seagulls. Who knows?

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Rock Me Amadeus


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