Rocky Bicycle

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Women's Cotton/Poly T-Shirt

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About this product

Rocky was really into bikes, right? Cue the trumpet intro, it's time for the famous training montage! Here goes Rocky pounding the speed bag! Now he's doing one-armed pushups! Holy crap, look him getting whacked in the stomach with the medicine ball! Oh, and there he goes punching racks of raw meat! Getting strong now! Won't be long now!

And now for the culmination: Rocky triumphantly charges up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art on his trusty bicycle and raises it over his head! Gonna fly now! Flying high now!

Wait...Was he really riding a bicycle? I don't remember that. Is this the director's cut or something? Weird. It kind of works though. I mean, it just feels right, you know? Hell yeah! Rocky and his bicycle!

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Rocky Bicycle

Women's Cotton/Poly T-Shirt

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Representing Rocky!!
Love this shirt and the scoopneck design! Bought it to match my hubby and represent his home state.

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