Tamarin Villain
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Tamarin Villain


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Why Did We Design This?

Mu-ha-ha-ha-ha! I see you've slipped into my trap! And I think you'll find that escape is impossible! For I am the Dastardly Tamarin, the most sinister, mustache-twirling monkey in the animal kingdom! And now, my hapless blonde beauty, I will tie you to the train tracks and wait as the oncoming steam locomotive--

Curses! How in the name of all that's villainous did you manage to escape? I worked on that trap for months before springing it into action! And now you've foiled my plan!

Well, I suppose you are a full-grown human being, and I'm only about the size of a squirrel. So there's that to consider. Perhaps if I'm going to be an arch villain I should try picking on someone my own size. No matter! Seize her before she... Never mind, she's gone.

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Tamarin Villain


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