The Spooky 3-Pack

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3 Pairs of Unisex L/XL Socks
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About this product

5 Lessons to Learn from Our Scary 3-Pack:

1. Read the Tripadviser reviews ahead of time to make sure your hotel doesn't have rivers of blood flooding down the stairwells, or the ghosts of murdered twin girls in creepy blue dresses.

2. That sound you heard wasn't just the wind. It's never the wind.

3. If you find yourself in a small town in Indiana, keep driving.

4. Sharks are extremely misunderstood creatures. That said, they'll hunt you down and kill you for no good reason if they ever get the chance. Also, boats are no defense against them.

5. If you attend summer camp and make out with someone, you're basically begging to be gutted by a machete-wielding maniac.

This 3-Pack includes:
- 1 Pair of "All Work & No Play" L/XL Socks
- 1 Pair of "Horror Show" L/XL Socks
- 1 Pair of "Weirder Shit" L/XL Socks

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The Spooky 3-Pack

3 Pairs of Unisex L/XL Socks

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