Third to Last Jedi

USD $24.00
Men's 100% Cotton T-Shirt

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This item is discontinued, out of stock and gone forever.
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About this product

But Who's Counting? Hmmm. They seem to be running out of ideas, don't they? I mean, "the last Jedi," sure. That makes sense. It's bold. It's taking a stand. But this... This isn't even trying. What do they think, that we're just going to keep coming back, no matter how dull and formulaic each new film is?

Who am I kidding, I'm still gonna see it. Maybe twice.

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The Details

Product Type Men's T-Shirt

Neckline Crew Neck

Fit Fitted: Not Too Baggy, Not Too Tight

Fabric Content 100% Cotton, Sewn in Mexico, Screenprinted in California



*Length measured from garment when it is laid flat

Designed By Us, From Scratch

Hand Screenprinted In California

Made From the Softest Cotton Fabric

Finished With A Neck Print, Not A Tag


Overall Rating

Third to Last Jedi

Men's 100% Cotton T-Shirt

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  • Overall Rating
truly a hit with my future son-in-law -
he wore it to trivia & the crowd went wild!
Third to the Last Jedi
Brillant. Everyone in the theater I'm working at love all your shirts. They make a point of seeing what shirt I'm wearing each day. They all cheer the "So sorry about our President shirt" and loved the T rex on a bike. They took "Third to the Last" as a normal shirt and got it later, when they read the fine print. Today I wore the dolphins in space and one guy said, "Wait! I got it! So Long and Thanks for all the fish! I know there's always a point to your shirts!" Great stuff!

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