Werewolf Sax Solo
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Werewolf Sax Solo


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What really happens when there is a full moon?

Oh, no! Tonight is a full moon! Once again, the process begins, whereby I shed my human skin and transform into... An eighties-rock cliché!

Yes, darkness is emerging -- it is now beyond my control! Teeth... turning to fangs. Muscles and bones... painfully... contorting! Hair... forming everywhere!

And now, the final phase! I must run atop that cliff and bust into an epic saxophone solo, the likes of which has not been heard since Glenn Frey's "You Belong to the City!" You must leave now, for I cannot be held responsible for what happens next!

Oh, curse the day whence I was bitten by that shapeshifter known as "Kenny G!"

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Werewolf Sax Solo


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