WTF Sea Creatures

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Women's 100% Cotton T-Shirt
USD $28.00

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USD $28.00
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About this product

The ocean is full of amazing creatures, from the stunningly intelligent octopus to the deadly beautiful tiger shark.

And then there are sea creatures that make you go "WHAT THE F--K?" Creatures like the goblin shark, which has a face not even its own mother could love. Or the blobfish, which literally just looks like a blob of slime with a face. Or the fangtooth, which... nightmare fuel.

So yeah, even Mother Nature doesn't bat a thousand. But we gotta say, there's a certain "misfit" charm to these guys. They're like the scrappy underdogs of the ocean. They have a certain "Ron Jeremy" quality to them. They're ugly, but somehow you can't stop watching.

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The Details

Product Type Cotton/Poly Men's T-Shirt

Neckline Crew Neck

Fit Fitted: Not Too Baggy, Not Too Tight. For a baggy fit, order a size up.

Fabric Content 52% Cotton, 48% Polyester, Sewn in Honduras, Digitally printed in USA

Designed by Us, From Scratch

Digitally Printed with State-of-the Art Technology

Made From the Softest Poly/Cotton Fabric

Finished With an Interior Neck Print Instead of a Tag


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WTF Sea Creatures

Women's 100% Cotton T-Shirt

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