Costa is wearing a size Large. He is 5' 10" and 170 lbs.
Costa is wearing a size Large. He is 5' 10" and 170 lbs. Click to view our sizing chart

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Chocolate Earth

Regular Price: $28.00

Special Price: $18.00


Regular Price: $28.00

Special Price: $18.00

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Earth is yummy, but what if I'm allergic to peanuts?

Great news, kids! Thanks to a big donation from the National Confectioners Association, we have funding for science again! And today we're going to learn about the different layers of Earth. Please open your new, NCA-funded textbooks.

Earth's inner core is made of a substance known as nougat, which is basically a mixture of corn syrup, sugar and egg whites. On top of that is the liquid inner mantle, which is composed of gooey, delicious caramel. The rocky, outer mantle is packed with roasted peanuts (or, if the mood strikes, almonds). And finally, Earth's surface -- or coating -- is of course made of rich, milk chocolate.

So there you have it. Tomorrow, we're going to learn about Mars and, if there's time, the Milky Way.

Regular Price: $28.00

Special Price: $18.00


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