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Grim Reaper Ice Cream

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What's the grim reaper selling?

In a brazen move that has community leaders up in arms, the Grim Reaper has been peddling an ice cream cart around town offering kid-oriented versions of his favorite lethal treats.

The Reaper's brightly colored menu includes new products like the Semi Chocomatic, Ciggies 'N Cream, the Hypodermic Drumstick, Cracksicles, and the Rainbow Rocket (an actual rocket).

"Kids are able to get a hold of these things as easily as candy anyway, so I figured why not work that metaphor," said the Reaper, dressed in his trademark hooded cloak. "I tell you, the way they come running for this stuff, you'd think it was heroin, ha ha ha! Actually, some of it is heroin."

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