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Hang In There Kid's T-Shirt

Kid's T-Shirt
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Haven't we all felt like a freak at some point?

Chin up, little guy! Hang in there! Everything's gonna be OK! Because you've got determination. You're a sloth, dammit! Forget what they say — you're the most determined animal on Earth.

You're like nature's version of the freaky kid in school that all the bullies pick on. You're slow as molasses — a sitting duck in dodgeball. You've got that freaky "Edward Scissorhands" thing going with the toes. You probably pick your nose a lot. And somehow you've always wearing that weird, self-satisfied smile. Yes, you've got "outcast" written all over you. But somehow you manage to keep on truckin'. Or crawlin', anyway.

And like most freaks, you've figured out what you're good at. In this case, blending into trees and eating really slowly. And now you're comfortable with who you are. You've got inner peace. If you were a person, you'd probably have a tattoo that said, "True 2 Myself" or something awesome like that.

About this Product:

  • Exclusive Headline Shirts VintageBlend™ kids tee designed and hand-sewn for premium quality and fit

  • Made in USA in the great state of California

  • Outrageously soft cotton / poly fabric. (Even kids will notice.)

  • Eco-friendly manufacturing using eco-friendly inks and compostable packaging

  • In stock and ships in 24 hours