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The Good, The Bad & Coyote

Regular Price: $24.00

Special Price: $14.00


Regular Price: $24.00

Special Price: $14.00

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Why does a coyote deserve more than a bit part?

How much more "American West" can you get? A coyote gunslinger straight out of a classic Western. We wouldn't want to face this guy in a staring contest. He'd probably be like, "In this world there's two kinds of coyotes, my friend: Those with loaded guns and those who dig. You dig."

Well, he wouldn't say it, on account of him being a coyote. But his steely gaze would say it for him. You know this guy is always looking three moves ahead. When you think about it, the coyote is the perfect animal to play the role of the "mysterious stranger" in a Western. They're total badass loners to begin with.

Of course, there wouldn't be much dialogue. But then again, how many lines did Clint ever have to deliver in those movies? You probably wouldn't even notice a difference.

Regular Price: $24.00

Special Price: $14.00


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